Review of the Article “What You Need to Know About Bathsheba”

Recently, fellow Moody Alumna Dalaina May wrote a blog article for the Junia Project on “What You Need to Know About Bathsheba.” It’s often hard to find positive things about Bathsheba (or much on her at all for that matter), so I wanted to highlight some of the things I appreciated in Dalaina’s article:

  • An Acknowledgment of Bathsheba as the victim—She points out that Bathsheba was not an adulteress but instead the victim of a “power rape” and rightly points out that the biblical author places the full blame for the immoral incident on King David (for more support of this point, see my earlier blog article “Bathsheba’s Story (Part 1): How I Changed My Perspective.”
  • An Acknowledgment of Bathsheba’s profound influence on Jewish and Christian history—We don’t always talk about the positive influence Bathsheba had on her son Solomon. For example, many scholars believe Lemuel’s tribute to his mother in Proverbs 31 is tribute made by Solomon to his mother Bathsheba. In sum, Bathsheba’s voice played an important part in history.
  • An Acknowledgment that your role in society does not limit how God uses you—Bathsheba was a victim, but her influence was long lasting. I love Dalaina’s concluding line, “Even though the stories of powerful women often go unnoticed, God used women to usher in his kingdom throughout scripture. He still does.”