Jephthah’s Daughter


People love drama and scandalous stories, even at times reading scandal into stories when it’s unwarranted. For example, seeing Bathsheba as seducing a king or the woman at the well as immoral, failing to see these women as victims. But sometimes the reverse is true with a bible character. We view a person as a victim of a huger atrocity than what really happened—as with Jephthah’s daughter. Read more

Deborah: Mighty Leader and Mother of Israel

“. . .Deborah arose as a mother in Israel.” — Judges 5:7 (ESV)

To Read: Judges 4–5

Biblical Synopsis: Deborah served as a judge and prophetess during a period when judges ruled over Israel. As the narrative unfolds, she becomes a key military leader giving orders to Barak and signaling when the battle would begin. She held the position of highest authority in Israel and was honored with the title “mother of Israel,” as a sign of respect signifying her leadership over the whole nation. Read more