Halloween Candy: Alternatives and Trade-ins


candyHow many of you run to the store at the last minute for Halloween candy? (I admit I am in that category this year.) But what to get?

And, for those of you who take your children trick-or-treating, what will do with all the candy? Seriously, how many of us are still eating our Halloween candy at Christmas? (Guilty.)

Well, I have scouted around for some fresh ideas that appeal to kids and won’t break your pocket book. Read more

Halloween 101: Community Building and Factories of Courage


frozen_spiderA child hid her face in her hands, “Mommy who would put such a scary mask on display?”

“Boo!” Out of the shadows jumped Mr. Incredible hoping to steal some candy from his unsuspecting sister.

“What an awesome batman mask!” said a father brandishing his camera.

Love or hate them, one thing is true: a simple, plastic mask evokes strong emotions. Some of us may stay as far away from them as possible, shunning anything that even reminds us of evil in the world. Others join in the merry making with hardly a care in the world.

Either way, we can’t completely hide from Halloween, which brings me to an important part of this holiday—conversations. We converse with friends, neighbors, co-workers, church members, and our family about this annual day of trick-or-treating.  And, in this type of dialogue is great opportunity. Read more

The Origins of Halloween & A Biblical Response


street_lightMy parents took us trick or treating sometimes, but never bought any Halloween costumes. One year I dug through my dad’s closet and turned a white dress shirt into a doctor’s outfit, which I proudly wore with my doctor’s kit in hand. Another year I cut leg and arm holes in a paper bag and painted it orange. In retrospect, I surmise they didn’t want to give funds to an industry that made them somewhat uncomfortable.

Many of our modern holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter (to name a few) are a mix of seasonal activities coupled with pagan and Christian traditions. Though to be honest, the long passing of time has turned the specifics of many of these rituals into creative speculations. Read more

Halloween: The Best Day of the Year for Evangelism

ajThe following guest post is adapted with permission from previous content written by my friend AJ Rinaldi. He currently serves as Ministry Director at EvanTell and is a graduate of Belmont University and Dallas Theological Seminary. AJ has served in church ministry as leader of several small groups, as well as teaching children, youth, and young adults.  

The average person probably doesn’t know very much about the origins of Halloween. Most people probably don’t even care anymore. However, as our society has become more and more callous to images of horror and demonic forces, many of the conservative Christian population has decided to “take a stand” and hold “alternatives” to Halloween; or simply ignore and dismiss it altogether.

It is understandable when believers are uncomfortable with the idea of participating in Halloween festivities. Sincerely, I would never want to push a brother or sister in Christ against their convictions (ref. Rom. 14, 1 Cor. 8).

Yet, while I do empathize and respect when Christians have a conviction about the holiday, my caution is to be careful not to put limits on God. Read more

An Introduction to this Week’s Halloween Series

halloween_jackolanternWhen I ask my friends (particularly evangelical Christians with seminary degrees) what their favorite holiday is, I almost always hear “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving.” But not so with my friend AJ Rinaldi. Halloween is his favorite day of the year!

This coming week we’ll take a brief look at Halloween from a practical and theological perspective on Monday through Thursday. Our next upcoming post will feature a guest blog by AJ on some of the reasons that make Halloween so special to him.

I do want to take a moment to acknowledge that I realize some Christians don’t celebrate Halloween for a variety of reasons and that’s okay. My goal is not to make all Christians participate in Halloween. There are valid reasons some families choose not to celebrate various holidays. I do hope to show, though, that celebrating Halloween doesn’t make one a bad person and can be a great opportunity to minister to those around us.

I hope you’ll stick around for this fun-filled week of Halloween themed posts!