Contextualization: An Evangelism Lesson from Saint Patrick

I’m a wee bit Irish so I get excited about cabbage and Shamrock shakes in the month of March. But, if you think today is only about the green fun, then read on!

Saint Patrick stood out in his time for his “contextualization” of the gospel. By that I mean he preached the gospel in a way that made sense to the people of Ireland.

The gospel itself doesn’t change; but we can and should be changing how we present the gospel. Read more

Reinforcing the Gospel Message Using Questions

questionGuitar? Check.

Coloring Sheets? Check.

Gold Fish Crackers? Check.

I could go on, but needless to say, sometimes the list of items needed for a children’s Sunday School Class can be quite long. As I run out the door, I mentally check off the items in my head to make sure I have everything. It is easy to have a preparation checklist for tangible items, but what about intangible things?

There are two things young children love: asking questions and being asked questions. Many questions are made up on the spot, a very natural way to do it. However, when talking to children about the gospel it is essential also to have a list of important evangelistic questions we can fall back on.

Especially with young children, asking questions can be one of the best ways to get the gospel message across. Furthermore, when we begin encouraging children to answer questions about the gospel in front of their peers, we are beginning the process of training them to share Christ with each other. Read more