The Seminary Journey Continued: More Provisions


God calls us all to different paths, and as we travel these paths he provides for us in different ways.

It so easy to say “I had a lot of friends when I did my undergrad degree, why don’t I have as many friends in seminary?” Or, “Why am I not as popular as my neighbor down the hall?” Or, “Why aren’t there more women in seminary classes?” Read more

The Adventures of Acquiring Furniture


Getting ready for seminary was harder than getting there. We have a reputation for making great time on long road trips, and this proved true once again on our Southern trek.

We drove into the DTS campus at 5am and circled around uncertain where to park. Finally, we stopped across the street from the student mail services in a lot designated “staff and volunteers.” We fell asleep hoping that campus security wouldn’t come by and wake us up.

At 8am we met the Swiss Tower building manager. “This is all the stuff you brought?” He seemed surprised that we had no furniture considering we weren’t traveling from overseas.

“Yeah…” we replied sheepishly. Read more

The Journey to Seminary

DTS_121009_06About three years into our marriage we both started studies at Dallas Theological Seminary. I joke to myself that if I had known even a quarter of the things that would happen during seminary, I would have run from God’s calling like the prophet Jonah. I had been shaky enough about the “big move” as it was.

Right before we turned in our paperwork stating we would not renew our lease (October 2009), I was filled with sadness. “Are we doing the right thing?” I asked my husband. “We could still back out.”

I knew in my heart of hearts that God was calling us to DTS, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to leave an apartment I liked, a church I loved, a city I adored, and beloved friends.

Some suggested we postpone going to seminary for a few more months, but the words of one of our elders still stand out, “If God is calling you to DTS, you’d better not stay in Illinois.” Read more