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November 2017:
Book Release: Vindicating the Vixens
October 2017:
The Key Verse of the Reformation
July 2017:
How Patriotic is Too Patriotic
March 2017:
Contextualization: An Evangelism Lesson from Saint Patrick
4 Purposes of Illustrations in Faith Conversations
Book Review: From the Grave
February 2017:
7 Outreach Ideas for Valentine’s Day
January 2017:
Why the Gospel Matters in 2017
9 Life Changing Truths About Eternal Life
December 2016:
Christmas Movie Lessons: Home Alone
Christmas Movie Lessons: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
November 2016:
3 Things the Life of Daniel Teaches Us About Troubled Times
December 2015:
What Christ’s Incarnation Means for Today
July 2015:
Monday the 6th: “The Importance of Metaphor
Tuesday the 7th: “God’s Glory Found in Nature & Poetry
June 2015:
Tuesday the 23rd: “Birthday Reflections on Time
May 2015:
Wednesday the 6th: “Review of the Article ‘What You Need to Know about Bathsheba’
Friday the 8th: “Comforting Those Who Mourn on Mother’s Day
Monday the 11th: “Helping Your Children Learn to Read the Bible on Their Own
Wednesday the 13th: “4 Reasons to Re-evaluate Your Scheduled Devotion Time
Wednesday the 20th: “What is the Best English Bible Translation?
Friday the 22nd: “Comparing Various Bible Translations for 1 Timothy 2:11-12
Saturday the 23rd: “How to Understand 1 Timothy 2:11-12
March 2015:
Monday the 9th: “5 Things Genesis 1 Teaches About Unity
Monday the 31st: “Palm Sunday and Easter Musings
February 2015:
Monday the 2nd: “The Old Testament and Apologetics
Tuesday the 3rd: “Is the God of the Old Testament Merciless?
Wednesday the 4th: “An Overview of the Canaanite Genocide
Thursday the 5th: “The Canaanite Genocide: The Justice of God Viewpoint
Monday the 9th: “The Canaanite Genocide: The Evil of the Canaanites Viewpoint
Tuesday the 10th: “The Canaanite Genocide: The Hyperbolic Language Viewpoint
Thursday the 12th: “Concluding Thoughts on the Canaanite Genocide
Friday the 13th: “Valentine’s Day Thoughts
January 2015:
Sunday the 4th: “Huldah: Truthful Prophetess
Monday the 5th: “Look Back and Remember
Tuesday the 6th: “The Journey to Seminary
Wednesday the 7th: “The Adventures of Acquiring Furniture
Monday the 12th: “Conversation Starters with Kids
Tuesday the 13th: “Tips for Developing the Art of Asking Questions
Wednesday the 14th: “Four Topics for Conversation Starters
Thursday the 15th: “Reinforcing the Gospel Message Using Questions
Sunday the 18th: “Euodia and Syntyche: Co-laborers in the Gospel
Monday the 19th: “The Seminary Journey Continued: More Provisions
Monday the 19th: “Misunderstood Women of the Bible
Tuesday the 20th: “The Woman at the Well
Wednesday the 21st: “Bathsheba’s Bath
Friday the 23rd: “Jephthah’s Daughter
Sunday the 25th: “Mary Magdalene: First Apostle
Monday the 26th: “Mary Magdalene’s Legacy
Wednesday the 28th: “Misunderstood Women (and Men) in the Bible
Thursday the 29th: “Bathsheba’s Story and Implications for Ministry (Part 1)
Friday the 30th: “Bathsheba’s Story and Implications for Ministry (Part 2)
Saturday the 31st: “Bathsheba’s Story and Implications for Ministry (Part 3)
December 2014:
Monday the 1st: “The Influence of the Old Testament in Mary’s Magnificat
Tuesday the 2nd: “Samuel’s Boyhood Foreshadows Jesus’ Boyhood
Saturday the 6th: “Mother Mary Depicted through Art
Sunday the 7th: “What the Christmas Story Means for the Oppressed and the Oppressors
Tuesday the 9th: “Guest Post: Christmas Mourning
Friday the 12th: “Movie Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings
Sunday the 14th: “Esther: Courageous Queen
Tuesday the 16th: “Two Ornaments that Will Enhance  Your Family’s Faith
Wednesday the 17th: “Quiet and Simple Christmas Memories
Sunday the 21st: “Shepherds: First Guests to the Manger
Monday the 22nd: “What the Traditional Nativity often Gets Wrong
Sunday the 28th: “Anna: Proclaimer of Christ
Tuesday the 30th: “A Christ for All Mankind
Wednesday the 31st: “Happy New Year!
November 2014:
Sunday the 2nd: “Abel: Offered a More Acceptable Sacrifice
Monday the 3rd: “An Introduction to Habakkuk’s Story of ‘Lamenting and Waiting’
Tuesday the 4th: “Waiting on God When We Lack Answers
Wednesday the 5th: “The Righteous Will Live By Faith
Thursday the 6th: “Habakkuk’s Closing Words: Shouts of Joy
Friday the 7th: “Responding to Those who Struggle with Injustice
Sunday the 9th: “Miriam: The First Prophetess
Monday the 10th: “An Introduction to This Week’s Series on ‘Church Attendance’
Tuesday the 11th: “Teaching Our Children the Importance of Attending Church
Wednesday the 12th: “A Starbucks Parable and Church Visitors
Thursday the 13th: “5 Tips for Church Greeters
Friday the 14th: “Thoughts on ‘Autopsy of a Deceased Church’
Sunday the 16th: “Moses: God’s Chosen Leader
Monday the 17th: “Comparing Two Courageous Heroes
Tuesday the 18th: “Inner Strength Manifests Itself in Outward Actions
Thursday the 20th: “3 Characteristics of ‘Hesed Love’ in the Book of Ruth
Friday the 21rst: “Boaz: A Picture of Christ
Sunday the 23nd: “Deborah: Mighty Leader and Mother of Israel
Monday the 24rd: “3 Disturbing Gratitude Trends
Tuesday the 25th: “3 Ways to Cultivate a Spirit of Gratitude
Wednesday the 26th: “5 Ways to Encourage Gratitude in Your Family
Thursday the 27th: “Happy Thanksgiving!
Saturday the 29th: “Book Review: Bread and Wine
Sunday the 30th: “Hannah: Humble Petitioner” and “Christmas with an Old Testament Twist
October 2014:
Monday the 13th—”Bathsheba’s Story (Part 1): How I Changed My Perspective
Tuesday the 14th—”Bathsheba’s Story (Part 2): How My Friends Changed Their Perspectives
Saturday the 18th—”Bathsheba’s Story (Part 3): What Bathsheba Teaches Us About Sexual Abuse
Sunday the 19th—”Adam & Eve: God’s Co-Representatives
Monday the 20th—”The Profitability of the Old Testament
Tuesday the 21st—”The Old Testament and Evangelism
Thursday the 23rd—”The Major Divisions of the Old Testament
Friday the 24th—”A Review of the Sacrament of Evangelism
Sunday the 26th: “Eve: Created as a Strong Helper
Monday the 27th: “An Introduction to this Week’s Halloween Series” and “Halloween: The Best Day of the Year for Evangelism
Tuesday the 28th: “The Origins of Halloween & A Biblical Response
Wednesday the 29th: “Halloween 101: Community Building and Factories of Courage
Thursday the 30th: “Halloween Candy: Alternatives and Trade-ins
Friday the 31st: “A ‘Wicked’ Halloween