Guest Post: Christmas Mourning


The year 2011 was a particularly hard Christmas season for our family. One of the things God used to encourage me the most was the following post by my friend Sharifa Stevens, who has given me permission to repost it below. Read on:

Grandma smelled like comfort and cold cream when she hugged me. I can’t open a bottle of Pond’s in public because one whiff reminds me that she’s not here anymore. The slip-slip of her feet on linoleum in the morning, the perfectly crustless PB&J sandwiches that she made me, her church hats and bright suits. Gone.

The cadence of her voice when she scolded me, or, ninja-like under the strict eye of my mother, scored me some peppermints. Gone. Her faithful and tone-deaf hymn-singing morning and evening. She unwittingly taught me the words of great songs of the faith, even if I didn’t learn the melodies until later. Read more

Halloween: The Best Day of the Year for Evangelism

ajThe following guest post is adapted with permission from previous content written by my friend AJ Rinaldi. He currently serves as Ministry Director at EvanTell and is a graduate of Belmont University and Dallas Theological Seminary. AJ has served in church ministry as leader of several small groups, as well as teaching children, youth, and young adults.  

The average person probably doesn’t know very much about the origins of Halloween. Most people probably don’t even care anymore. However, as our society has become more and more callous to images of horror and demonic forces, many of the conservative Christian population has decided to “take a stand” and hold “alternatives” to Halloween; or simply ignore and dismiss it altogether.

It is understandable when believers are uncomfortable with the idea of participating in Halloween festivities. Sincerely, I would never want to push a brother or sister in Christ against their convictions (ref. Rom. 14, 1 Cor. 8).

Yet, while I do empathize and respect when Christians have a conviction about the holiday, my caution is to be careful not to put limits on God. Read more