I am a diverse assortment of tiny bits reflected in an endless array of patterns; something resembling a kaleidoscope.

That’s the beautiful thing about people made in God’s image–we’re all unique.You can’t stare into a soul and see the same thing twice. Tomorrow I will be different from who I am today.

Tumbling, Turning, Whirling, Swirling — life.

Rotate the viewing tube a half degree to the right. I am a wife–partnered with & advisor to my husband over a decade.

Shake the pieces gently. I am a mother–nurturer & provider to three children.

Turn it a little more. I am a Communications Manager for EvanTell–I write, I edit, I creatively equip people to share God’s love.

Turn once again. You’ll find snippets of academia–I graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a Master of Theology degree (slight nerd alert…#sorrynotsorry).

These bits and pieces all form intersections of who I am.

Stay a little while longer and I hope you’ll spot glimpses of my passion for justice, kindness, and walking humbly with my God (cf. Micah 6:8).