The Adventures of Acquiring Furniture


Getting ready for seminary was harder than getting there. We have a reputation for making great time on long road trips, and this proved true once again on our Southern trek.

We drove into the DTS campus at 5am and circled around uncertain where to park. Finally, we stopped across the street from the student mail services in a lot designated “staff and volunteers.” We fell asleep hoping that campus security wouldn’t come by and wake us up.

At 8am we met the Swiss Tower building manager. “This is all the stuff you brought?” He seemed surprised that we had no furniture considering we weren’t traveling from overseas.

“Yeah…” we replied sheepishly.

Before leaving us to settle in, he commented “Should you ever decide to acquire any furniture, let me now and I’ll unlock the back moving door.”

Our furniture acquiring came slowly and sporadically. One of the great things about living in seminary housing is that seminary families often give away or sell furniture, and we certainly took advantage of that—A wicker chair. A dining table set. An old TV.

We decided to wait on buying a bed. That may or may not have had something to do with the fact that my husband comes from an avid family of campers. Piling several blankets on a carpeted floor is nothing compared to sleeping on top of a tree branch.

A month or two later some new friends of ours said, “We’ve been wanting to get rid of our futon, and you can’t keep sleeping on the floor.” (They were really never into the whole camping scene.)

Gratefully, we slept on the futon mattress. Later these same friends connected us with someone getting rid of an old box spring, mattress, and bed frame. But the broken springs were so uncomfortable we opted to place the futon mattress on top of the box spring. The top mattress ended up folded in half and placed on our futon frame. It wasn’t until that summer we got a decent mattress—given to us from our German neighbors after they upgraded to a bigger size.

Over the following months and years in seminary; we received, traded for, and bought much more. And, I’ve learned that God’s provision may not always come in expected ways. Sometimes he blesses your socks off with physical blessings; other times, the blessing of provision comes through the fortitude he grants to live the hand you’ve been dealt by the Master Dealer.