Movie Review: “Exodus: Gods and Kings”

Parted Seas

The movie “Exodus: Gods and Kings” opened in theaters today with well-known actor Christian Bale playing the role of Moses and Australian Joel Edgerton playing Ramses.

(Mild SPOILER ALERT ahead)

I expected to see a movie with good cinematography and wasn’t disappointed. The costumes, the set, the make-up—all superb (even before a minute had passed).

The acting, though not oscar worthy, was certainly good—particularly Edgerton’s Ramses with his palpable jealousy warring with his affection for Moses. As far as Bale goes, imagine Bruce Wayne dressed up as Moses and you’ll have a pretty decent idea of what his Moses character was like (seriously).

Most of the events and actions of the character were fairly accurate to the Biblical rendition. There were a few additions, omissions, or things in a different order, but all the major themes were there anyway. I did notice though (and not surprisingly) that the movie omits the close relationship that the Bible portrays between Moses and God.

I wrote up an article with a few redemptive talking points for EvanTell using material form The Evangelism Study Bible. I encourage you to check it out even if you haven’t or don’t plan on seeing the movie any time soon. The fact that you are familiar with the biblical story with Moses will mean that you are able to dialogue with movie goers. When the movie Noah came out last March, it’s estimated that online searches for corresponding Bible passage increased by at least 300 percent. I am betting the same for the Exodus movie.