Halloween: The Best Day of the Year for Evangelism

ajThe following guest post is adapted with permission from previous content written by my friend AJ Rinaldi. He currently serves as Ministry Director at EvanTell and is a graduate of Belmont University and Dallas Theological Seminary. AJ has served in church ministry as leader of several small groups, as well as teaching children, youth, and young adults.  

The average person probably doesn’t know very much about the origins of Halloween. Most people probably don’t even care anymore. However, as our society has become more and more callous to images of horror and demonic forces, many of the conservative Christian population has decided to “take a stand” and hold “alternatives” to Halloween; or simply ignore and dismiss it altogether.

It is understandable when believers are uncomfortable with the idea of participating in Halloween festivities. Sincerely, I would never want to push a brother or sister in Christ against their convictions (ref. Rom. 14, 1 Cor. 8).

Yet, while I do empathize and respect when Christians have a conviction about the holiday, my caution is to be careful not to put limits on God.

I once had someone say to me that we should “take back” October 31st for the Lord. Take back?! Seriously? When and how did The Sovereign God, Creator of the Universe lose control over a date on His calendar?

My fellow believers, there is no better day of the year (yes, including Christmas) for evangelism. They’re coming to your door people! If your foundation is Jesus Christ, then not only do you have nothing to fear October 31st, but you can have a great time sharing the gospel in many creative ways.

It’s a shame that many Christian homes are dark and uninviting on Halloween night. On our little street there are at least four “Christian families” within a row of six houses. Three of the four consistently have decorations of cobwebs and spiders, Jack o’ lanterns and ghosts, yet one house stands (ironically) eerily void of any holiday trappings.

So, what message does this send to our unbelieving neighbors? I like to think that when people see our home and experience fellowship with our family, they see beyond any decorations and notice something different about us. If, as Christians, we do not interact with the culture around us—not be of the world, but we are in it, how will we demonstrate Christ’s love?

Here are some creative and innovative ways to evangelize this Halloween:

Decorate—be one of the most inviting homes on the block. I have started doing my garage up like a cave; complete with black lights and fog. It’s really cool and everyone wants to see their costume glow under the black light.

Wear a costume—be creative, not necessarily scary. Do something that makes people want to talk to you. If you’re wearing a polo shirt and jeans on October 31st that just screams (pun intended) “boring.” If you dress as a biblical character, or someone who fights evil—that could really open the door to spiritual conversations.

Use tracts—but always, always, always give out the good candy with them. Don’t just give out a tract without a treat. Unfortunately, that only leaves a bad, and lasting, impression. Do you think those kids will be back next year?

Use other giveaways—I try to have something to give to every age group; including the adults. Many parents walk around with their children and the opportunity is there to share the gospel with them as well. Be prepared for teens. I give out Christian CD’s—the Before You Die booklet and CD is excellent for Halloween. The cover looks cool and glows under the black lights.

Engage with people—people are having fun Halloween night. Talk to them—don’t be afraid to answer questions about the tracts or about why you do what you do.

Be graceful—don’t make a negative comment about someone’s costume. Yes; you’ll see outfits that are evil and others that are way-too-adult for the kids, but remember to always use a grace-based approach.

Finally—Have Fun!