An Introduction to this Week’s Halloween Series

halloween_jackolanternWhen I ask my friends (particularly evangelical Christians with seminary degrees) what their favorite holiday is, I almost always hear “Christmas” or “Thanksgiving.” But not so with my friend AJ Rinaldi. Halloween is his favorite day of the year!

This coming week we’ll take a brief look at Halloween from a practical and theological perspective on Monday through Thursday. Our next upcoming post will feature a guest blog by AJ on some of the reasons that make Halloween so special to him.

I do want to take a moment to acknowledge that I realize some Christians don’t celebrate Halloween for a variety of reasons and that’s okay. My goal is not to make all Christians participate in Halloween. There are valid reasons some families choose not to celebrate various holidays. I do hope to show, though, that celebrating Halloween doesn’t make one a bad person and can be a great opportunity to minister to those around us.

I hope you’ll stick around for this fun-filled week of Halloween themed posts!