Adam & Eve: God’s Co-Representatives

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. — Genesis 1:27 (ESV)

To Read: Genesis 1

Biblical Synopsis: In the beginning of creation, God made many things but specifically ordained mankind as his own image bearer. With this honored designation comes the responsibility of ruling over the earth.

Application for Today:
You don’t have to look far to realize our culture has a degrading view of women. Pornography exploits. Companies claim their beauty products will enhance our value. We dress to impress.

Taking it a step further, one out of every four women in the US and one out of three women worldwide has reported partner violence.[1] Female infanticide exist around the world, and in India it is estimated that a young girl dies every four minutes from gender discrimination.[2]

The world does not value women. But not so with God! The very beginning of our Bibles tells us that our significance is not based on looks or actions but is established in God himself.

As his image bearers, we are called to represent him to the rest of the world. God did not call men to this task and then include women as an afterthought. He gave all humanity this enormous privilege!

This responsibility runs even deeper for Christians. We must study how God reveals himself to us through his Word and through the biblical testimonies of men and women who have gone on ahead in order to represent our God strategically before the rest of the world.

As author Carolyn Custis James writes, “This is a moment of unprecedented opportunity for the church. This is a moment to speak into this void with a positive, affirming gospel message for a global audience of women who are searching for hope.”[3]

We have no greater hope to offer our fellow women than the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only when we come to terms with our identity in Christ can we truly begin to understand our real value.

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